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16 December 2016

Around the corner

  • 8:15 PM
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It's an appropriate time of the year to be equally excited about food and wine—or vodka.

A full load with a majority of major subjects gives great emphasis on how school has been taking up so much of my sanity—and with thesis this semester to top that. However, the tables have turned and surprisingly, stress has been giving me a rewarding feeling—like, I'm actually doing something worthwhile with my existence. Now that I'm officially on Christmas break, let's momentarily put a pause on the academics, even if I have a book report and a number of essays on hold. 

When a festive Christmas setting is on sight, my seven-year-old self automatically rejoices. Immediately reminding me of excitement the holidays bring; loved ones coming together to enjoy the luminescent feeling—certainly without prejudice of  shimmer and shine. And a banquet sprawled on Christmas day—what a time to be alive: carbs on carbs on carbs. No regrets. My heart is only filled with gratefulness to the birthday Boy who saved us. 

As for my personal agenda, I have set my mind to hanging out on Netflix in between eBook breaks. I have done more than enough personal shopping this year; its about time I finalize the gifts I'll be giving to anyone but myself. And take tons and tons of pictures—anything for that Instagram shot.

Peculiar versions of Jingle Bell Rock and incessant firecrackers at the most inappropriate times—the holidays have rolled in.

Be merry and spread the love!

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