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14 August 2016

Square One

  • 9:00 PM
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My adolescent life revolved around the internetmainly because technology was starting to take over people's livesspecifically people of my generation.  I was 14 when the only requirement needed to getting to sit with the cool kids is owning a Tumblr blog, or so I thought. Mine contained diary-like writing accompanied by low-quality pictures from my BlackBerry 8520, to document what has been. 

The good and the badit was all in that little corner of the internet. Yes, I am giving you the permission to imagine the exaggeration then. 

Words are my only weapons. Thus, having my raw written emotions used against me, basically felt like I was aiming the gun to myself. Pretty intense for an all girl high school catty situation. I have been in and out of the industry since then. 

The funny thing is that my 17 year old self  actually made a vow to never permit the world to unravel hidden parts of me through a blog. I may have forgotten how irony always finds its way. For some deranged reason, a part of me will always crave to write just for the heck of it. 

Hence, the birth of a new journal. I am quite lost with how I'm going about with this new beginning. However, there's one thing I'm sure about; Out with the old, in with the new. If there's one mistake I'd like to undo, it would be barring my soul to the world. And if I should share the greatest lesson in all of this, it's definitely how otherwise is better; that nothing beats a little mystery.

I had to close many chapters to be able to write better ones. I struggled through finding what I wanted to do and being what I wanted to be. I am driven to be anything but my own antagonist. It's 2016 and I'm excited to be myself. 

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  1. Omg hi Ate Cae! I finally saw your blog after a long hiatus. :D

    Kai // Kitty Journal (www.kittyjournal.com)

    1. Hi, Kai! It's been quite a long time. I hope I can keep up with it and keep it this time. Haha :)

  2. I totally agree that nothing beats a little mystery. I also used to be waaaay too open about my life when I was in myteens bu t as I slowly mature, I realized that it won't hurt to have a bit of online privacy. :)

    1. But there's surprisingly a stinch of regret I deleted my old blog/s.