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24 August 2016

Give me your all

  • 7:00 PM
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I have always preferred drawing inspiration from my surroundings more than a certain individual. Recently, I've been finding myself inclined towards the fashion of the 70s and 90s combined. Culottes and chokers have been making a comeback and it's no surprise. Both, respectively adds  character to an outfit.
To be completely honest, I don't think it's appropriate for one to simply categorize a styling process, as in fashion, you should always think out of the box. Let's take a deep breath and admit that we all like to be "normcore" "minimalist" and '"edgy" depending on our mood. And sometimes even a little bit of everything.
Time and again, I’m asked about my personal style. However, instead of coming up with  a hit-home sentence that most style influencers can answer in a heartbeat, I end up with a completely obscure answer: "I like the style of the 70s and the 90s but I try to be very minimal as I combine them together." I'd like to be very specific at times and just say I really want to look edgy but then again I can be dainty sometimes too.
However, as much as I hate to admit,  style trends tend to vaguely influence my style. There is nothing wrong with following trends, I suppose. I feel like it helps me figure out my style and how I want it. Although, I try to wander from it until it dies down before I add my own mix to it. Hence, always being in the process of broadening my wardrobe to styles I'd like to try and setting up garage sales for those that don't fit my liking. 

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